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At Kenko, we cover all your healthcare expenses , no matter how big or small. Choose from a wide range of healthcare practitioners and specialists partnered with us and get back to good health.

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Kenko Healthcare India
Kenko Healthcare India

Doctors & Discounts: How Kenko Helps You Save On Medical Costs

Sometimes, apples are just not enough.

No matter what the old adage says,regular doctor consultations can, occasionally, be beneficial, even when it is not an emergency. Doctor consultations are essential for taking care of your health, especially when you are recovering from the stresses of the pandemic.

However, a simple ‘doctor near me’ search on the internet may not be enough when it comes to finding the right physician for you. Getting an expert who understands your body’s specific needs and challenges can be particularly difficult. Thankfully, online medical consultations have made the process easier, helping you reach out to professionals spread all across the country.

Online Medical Consultations — The Future Of Medical Care

Free online doctor consultations, too, have become a common offering over the pandemic, with several applications and websites providing access to physicians at no or a meagre cost. With barriers to excellent medical care reducing, there is no need for you to get a free doctor consultation that isn’t satisfactory for you.

There still remains some hesitancy when it comes to online medical consultations. People are simply used to meeting physicians in person. However, as more individuals book online consultations, there is greater appreciation of their benefits. No waiting time, and lower doctor fees. Even then, appointments can be expensive

Thankfully, Kenko’s plans have you covered, providing savings as well as convenience. Leveraging a sprawling network of online and in-person doctors, we provide you with benefits that never existed in consultations earlier.

So, why should you book your next consultation through Kenko? Give us the opportunity to chalk out a few reasons for you.

1. Saves Time

We all have had those experiences. You turn up for a doctor’s appointment right on time, and end up spending an hour or two in the waiting room. The magazines are old and uninteresting, and there is precious time that you are wasting while your doctor is busy.

Nobody enjoys waiting around, and this is one of the biggest problems that an online doctor consultation solves for you. Instead of spending hours surrounded by other sick people, simply book an online medical consultation through Kenko and our partner Tata 1mg and go about your day. When your time arrives, you simply need to go and get your free online doctor consultation. That will surely save you time with each visit, while giving you access to some of the best medical professionals in the country.

2. Wide Range Of Specialists

More often than not, your family’s general practitioner (GP) is the only doctor you genuinely trust. They know your medical background and your family’s medical history, and have seen you grow up over the years. However, as you grow older, you will need to consult various experts as you tackle lifestyle and other diseases.

In such situations, it is essential to go beyond the suggestions you may receive from your friends and neighbours and seek leading physicians in various fields. Kenko, through numerous partnerships, has brought together a vast network of doctors across the country, so that you get free medical advice online. These include globally-renowned experts in a range of areas, from paediatrics to heart disease.

We are also constantly expanding this network, so you can get online doctor video consultations. Do not depend on just the doctors in your vicinity anymore. Be proactive with your health and reach out to outstanding physicians across the country for online doctor consultations or even in-person meetings.

3. Partnerships With Tata 1mg

When it comes to online doctor consultations, getting the right partner is important. There can often be cases of fraud and mismanagement of payments. Therefore, it is crucial to book your consultation through a trustworthy platform. That’s why Kenko has partnered with Tata 1MG to give you an exceptional online experience.

1mg comes with the legacy of Tata and is one of India’s leading online care experts. This partnership also allows you to take advantage of Tata 1MG’s extensive pharmacy, and get any and all medicines you may require delivered home.

4. Consistently Saves You Money

Doctor visits can be immensely expensive. Even a regular check-up can lighten your wallet by a few hundred bucks, while specialist appointments can run into thousands of rupees. Add to that the cost of a hospital or clinic visit to meet such experts in person, and the price keeps shooting up. Thankfully, Kenko is here to take care of your financial health while you look after your physical well-being.

Every Kenko plan offers you savings on doctor visits, ranging from 20% all the way up to 90%. These jaw-dropping savings make sure that you get the care you deserve, without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s more? You also receive discounts on medicines as well as any tests that you may require. So, make sure you make the most of your Kenko plan and start saving on healthcare every single day.

How To Book Your Free Doctor Consultation

Now that you know all the advantages of getting a Kenko plan and using it for all your free doctor consultations, we’re confident that you can’t wait to buy one of our health plan. Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, there are just a few steps for you to book an appointment. We’ve listed them out for you right here.

  1. Choose Your Doctor - Select the doctor of your choice under Kenko’s vast network, so that you have someone who addresses your exact needs.
  2. Fill Up Your Booking Form - This will provide your doctor with all the information they may require before the appointment. Don’t worry, this will only take a few minutes!
  3. Get A Confirmation - As soon as you receive your confirmation, you know that your online doctor consultation is on.
  4. Visit The Doctor - The final step — turning up online or in-person!

There you have it! A few simple steps to get you the help you need. So, relax, enjoy those savings and benefits by getting yourself a Kenko health plan today!

Kenko Healthcare India

Kenko Health, a health insur-tech company provides comprehensive plans focused on OPD expenses. On average, almost 75% of an individual’s lifetime health expenses are incurred outside the hospitals. Kenko is changing the old order of things by bringing in monthly healthcare plans that are economically priced to cover a wide range of expenses from doctor fees, medicine expenses, diagnostic tests and even non-prescription products and services such as infant care, vision care, dental care, hair and skincare.

Keeping customer experience at its core, founders Aniruddha Sen and Dhiraj Goel, set up Kenko Health in 2019. The duo has exposure to insurance companies and systems in the west as well as Southeast Asia. Through Kenko, the founders are looking to build the country’s first Health Management Organisation (HMO) - a holistic concept where companies don’t simply cover hospital expenses, but also, actively manage customers’ medical conditions, thereby leading to better long-term medical outcomes.

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