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299 Mini Plan

For better health and more savings!
At just ₹299/month
A basic plan to help you get started. Take the first step towards saving on your regular medical expenses and more with this plan. Don't worry, you can cancel anytime you like.

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299 Mini Plan

Benefit TypeApplication BenefitApplicability
OutPatient Department Benefitsdiscount on medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
Doctor Fees20% off
Medicines20% off
Lab tests20% off
Marketplace20% off
Kenko Healthcare India
Kenko Healthcare India

Don’t Have A Plan? Get The 299 Mini (Health) Plan Today!

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a harsh reminder to millions of Indians just how expensive taking care of yourself and your loved ones can be. In an era of fitness watches, footstep trackers, and heartbeat monitors, we are also seeing an unprecedented rise in lifestyle diseases, such as PCOS, diabetes, and heart disease.

As specialisations in the field of medicine have expanded and there is a greater range of illnesses being treated with ease, there has also been a skyrocketing increase in medical expenses. Even a simple cold today can cost thousands when you account for the doctor’s fees, medical costs, and any precautionary tests that may be needed.

New-Age Health Plan - Not Just For The Giant Expenses

Thankfully, we have access to healthcare subscriptions that have evolved to meet modern needs. Traditionally, medical policies were just viewed as something you may need for major surgeries and chronic diseases. However, there is an unprecedented demand for plans that help you save money even for the minor treatments you may undergo today plans that provide OPD coverage. And it all begins with our 299 Mini Plan, a basic plan that provides OPD coverage helping you save on regular medical and healthcare expenses, without you feeling the pinch.

1. Expenses Outside The Hospital (OPD expenses)

So far, we’ve only thought about the need for health plans for hospital expenditures. These basic plans are simply not enough to cover all your healthcare needs. They may protect you from hospital expenses, but they don't give you OPD coverage and thus they can't protect you from what you regularly spend out-of-hospital. Our 299 Mini Plan is the ideal solution for such situations.

The 299 Mini Plan provides you with a 20% discount on doctor fees, medicines, as well as lab tests. This takes care of the OPD expenses that keep popping up and helps you save month-on-month. Data suggests that 75% of most individuals’ lifetime health expenses are incurred outside the hospital.

2. Prepares You For Upcoming Lifestyle Changes

Your late 20s and 30s is the period where the body slowly starts showing signs of wear and tear. Be it burnout, obesity, or diabetes, it is usually during this phase that the first indicators of lifestyle problems start popping up. They may not be extremely severe during this stage, which is why addressing them early helps.

However, shelling out money out of your pocket can hold you back from seeking early intervention. Sure, they may not be very high yet, but you don’t want to pay for a doctor’s visit if you don’t have to. Unless, of course, you could reduce these expenses. With our 299 Mini Plan, you save on every check-up, test, medicine order, and doctor consultation, incentivising you to take better care of your health. If you can’t do it for your future, do it for all the money you can save with this basic health care plan.

3. Saves On Preventive Medication

When we imagine our future, we often think of the treatments we may require if our health deteriorates or we fall ill. However, that’s not all you need. The right consultations and medicines can help you maintain good health today, and fortify your body to fight infections and diseases. This inner strength is particularly useful when you have to cope with the impact of the stress-ridden lives we lead, worsened by demanding jobs and long commutes.

With Kenko Plans, you can save on these essential medicines, while ensuring that you remain as fit as possible. Even our basic health plans helps save on pharmacy costs today and treatment expenses in the future. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

4. Lab Tests That Won’t Suck Your Finances Dry

Another essential aspect of taking care of yourself is getting regular tests done. Tracking your blood sugar, vitamin levels, and other vital indicators can play an invaluable role in predicting upcoming health expenses. Preventive medication is based on certain assumptions. However, regular tests and annual check-ups provide you with a higher degree of accuracy in identifying how you need to safeguard your body.

We all know these tests are not cheap. Thorough check-ups can cost thousands of rupees, and may be the reason why you haven’t gotten one yet. But, if you get a Kenko 299 Mini Plan, your basic care plan, you can save on your lab tests, along with providing you access to state-of-the-art services. What else? You can book these tests from our app and get them done from the comfort of your home. And you only pay the discounted price. What more could you possibly ask for?

5. Far Easier To Understand

We’ve all been there. What EXACTLY does my healthcare plan cover? What amount of cover is adequate? Is there OPD coverage? Is the OPD support of the right kind? Am I actually saving money here or just losing it in inflating premiums?

Kenko takes you far away from confusion and makes it extremely simple for you. It tells you precisely what you are saving up on, and gives you basic health cover that translates into actual day-to-day savings. It isn’t a complicated document that will only be useful during a major accident, still requiring you to run from one end to another. It protects your pockets from everyday expenses.

6. A Commitment To Your Well-Being

Let’s be honest here. This is not just about saving money on your medical expenses. It’s about making a commitment to take care of your own body and keeping it in excellent condition. Just like a visit to the gym or choosing fruits over chips is an investment in your health, so is investing in a good basic medical plan.

Take the next step in committing to your well-being with our 299 Mini Plan so that when you’re busy making all the right choices (after this one), we can take care of the rest. This commitment does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Don’t Take It Slow

So, there you have it. Just a few reasons we came up with for you to get yourself the Kenko 299 Mini Plan. There are many more, and we’re certain that you must have thought of a few on your own. So, are you still going to wait?

Don’t lose out on savings on your healthcare anymore. Opt for Kenko today.

Kenko Healthcare India

Kenko Health, a health insur-tech company provides comprehensive plans focused on OPD expenses. On average, almost 75% of an individual’s lifetime health expenses are incurred outside the hospitals. Kenko is changing the old order of things by bringing in monthly healthcare plans that are economically priced to cover a wide range of expenses from doctor fees, medicine expenses, diagnostic tests and even non-prescription products and services such as infant care, vision care, dental care, hair and skincare.

Keeping customer experience at its core, founders Aniruddha Sen and Dhiraj Goel, set up Kenko Health in 2019. The duo has exposure to insurance companies and systems in the west as well as Southeast Asia. Through Kenko, the founders are looking to build the country’s first Health Management Organisation (HMO) - a holistic concept where companies don’t simply cover hospital expenses, but also, actively manage customers’ medical conditions, thereby leading to better long-term medical outcomes.

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You can avail of services such as medicines, doctor appointments and more, worth your defined benefit every month. Anything you spend over and above, will be charged to you • OPD discount benefit for non-hospital expenses is applied on a monthly basis and expires every 30 days. However, lump sum OPD benefit can be accumulated for a period of up to 1 year. • Health benefits is on a 12-month basis from the date you start your subscription. If you cancel your subscription any time before the completion of the 12-month period, your account will be suspended. You can re-activate your account at any time and will need to complete the balance period with the balance benefits before a new 12-month period can start. Chat with us to understand this better • Prescriptions and doctor's advice procured outside of the Kenko network are not eligible for this plan • You do not need to mail us prescriptions, bills, notices, documents etc. We will stay in touch with you to collect any information that may be required for your treatments - as easy as taking a picture with your phone • Be cautious with the answers you provide us while taking the Kenko score - they may be used to determine your benefits at a later time, if found inaccurate

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