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Our health plans cover all your large and small medical expenses
Family OPD Standard Plan
/30 days
Flat 25% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Personal OPD Prime Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Senior Citizens Plan
/30 days
Flat 20% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Personal OPD Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Family OPD Prime Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Personal OPD Standard Plan
/30 days
Flat 25% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Personal Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Diabetic Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
The Family Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Starter Plan
/30 days
Flat 20% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.
Family OPD Plus Plan
/30 days
Flat 50% offon medicines, doctor consults and lab tests
More benefits on the Kenko app.

How Does It Work?

Three simple steps to access the world of healthcare benefits, at your fingertips!
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Our app is where the magic is!

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Exceptional experience with Kenko's team. They are polite and cooperative. Got 100% reimbursement for my mom's treatment from Kenko without any hassle.
Happy to receive constant support from The Kenko Team during an emergency. I'm glad to get reimbursed without any stress.
The customer delight team at Kenko was really helpful during the entire treatment process for my mother. Appreciate their thorough professionalism.
Special shoutout to Team Kenko. My mother was hospitalised for minor treatment and Kenko transferred my benefits immediately. I immensely appreciate their efforts.
Kenko is the Best Family Health Plan I have come across. They helped me throughout my illness. Their quick response was commendable.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What does OPD mean?
OPD means Outpatient Department.It includes medicine orders, lab tests, doctor consultations, dental care and more. OPD means you don’t need hospital admission for over 24 hours.
Is there any grace period after the plan has expired?
Once your plan has expired, you get 5 days worth of grace period. You can renew your plan in these five days to continue enjoying your benefits.
What happens when I don’t renew my plan?
Your subscription is paused and you won’t be able to use your health benefits.
How do I renew plans?
If your plan is expiring soon, you’ll see a button on the dashboard that asks you to renew your plan. Select the tenure you wish to renew your plan with and that’s all you need to do.
Do you accept cash payments?
Sorry, all payments made to Kenko have to be digital transactions. We will send you a copy of the invoice for all transactions.

Insurtech And Future

Revolutionize Your Health with Kenko Healthcare in the Digital AgeRevolutionize Your Health with Kenko Healthcare in the Digital Age
A New-Age Healthcare Revolution For You!

Wondering what insurtech is? It is when a healthcare provider facilitates their products with new-age tech. Read on and learn more!

The pandemic triggered a massive overnight transformation for healthcare companies, leading to the arrival of several new-age healthcare Indian players that approached the sector differently.

Previously, when it came to healthcare, Indians had to suffer through longer processing times, endless paperwork, and a hostile attitude towards the customers.

At present, with healthcare, Indians have taken things digital. We no longer follow these norms. The health care plans have a new game changer; they now come with less or no paper work. Additionally, many health care plans now start your benefits the moment you subscribe.

Insurtech companies changed the perception of healthcare in India. As the world returns to its old routines, these new players are here to stay, replacing the previous complicated and partial norms.

Kenko’s Evolution

A healthcare plan is a must if you don’t want to shell out a ton of money from your pockets for hospital treatment, especially during emergencies. The healthcare subscriptions that you pay act as your investment and take care of your medical expenses.

When it came to healthcare, Indians had to suffer through plans with jargon-filled, long paperwork. And still, they would have to ask for reimbursements. It wasn’t truly cashless, and you had to jump through numerous loops. This proved tiresome and confusing to many subscribers.

And even that didn’t guarantee that you would get your money back. Maybe you got a part of it. You may still have to pay a considerable sum from your own savings. Well, at least that’s how traditional health care plans worked.

At Kenko Health, we have worked on providing answers to these problems. Our health care plans address the shortcomings of age-old health care plans.

Our aim is to create a better environment for you that supports you constantly through all of life’s ups and downs through preventive healthcare plans. We work towards this goal by giving you monthly subscriptions that are designed after a thorough study and planned process. And what’s better, they are easy-to-renew healthcare plans.

Benefits Of Kenko Healthcare Plan: With You In Sickness And Health

At Kenko Health, we believe that the right healthcare plan for you won’t just help you save money when you are hospitalised but also provide you with a holistic lifestyle. Regular medical expenses can pile up over a number of years. We strive to ensure that they don’t.

All you need to ensure is to renew healthcare plans regularly. Kenko Health Plans will take care of the rest. We will even take care of the preventive health care expenses as well. We offer discounts on all your OPD bills, such as doctor’s consultations, medicines, lab tests, and so on. Because of our extensive partnerships, we can service even the remotest locations.

There are numerous Kenko Health Plans you can choose from. Already subscribed to a Kenko Healthcare Plan? It is easy to even renew healthcare plans.

1. HealthCare Plan Affordable For All

Health care plans can get rather expensive, with plans potentially costing tens of thousands of rupees each year. We believe that medical care should be a right for everyone, which is why our plans start at as little as Rs. 299/- every month. Thus, everyone can afford low-cost health care plans.

Because of our plans, many people now even consider preventive health care to be an integral part of their lives. They’ve saved a ton of money on preventive health care, doctor consults, lab tests, medicines and much more. Plus, you can upgrade or renew healthcare plans from the comforts of your home with just a few clicks.

Do you have elders you need to take care of? Health care plans can be particularly expensive for them. If you already have a Kenko Health Plan, we offer a Senior Citizen Plan for your elderly loved ones at an extremely low cost. Starting a family, you can consider our Family Plan.

We’re here to ensure you can care for your loved ones while safeguarding your finances.

2. Collaborations With Other Revolutionary Game-changers

In India, healthcare is a complex field, and so we believe in protecting you as comprehensively as possible. Thus, we have collaborated with other game-changers in this field. For example, we have partnered with Tata 1mg, India’s most trusted healthcare online pharmacy, to get your medicines delivered right to your doorstep at a discounted rate.

We have also built a vast network of doctors and hospitals across the country to support you whenever and wherever you need them, bringing your healthcare online.

Because we see an increased demand for online health consultations, we connect you to medical experts in various domains while you stay right at home. Our Kenko Healthcare online partnerships have helped us serve you better and give you the care you deserve.

3. Breaking Away From Traditional Plans

Even with the best intentions, a traditional healthcare provider in India is often bogged down by conventional practices and old-school thinking. Rather than serving customers, there is a notion that healthcare plan holders must wrestle with agencies to avail their deserved benefits.

It is an archaic system and an exploitative one. One that needs to change to suit both pockets and form a medical protection shield against expensive hospital treatment.

The entry of new players like Kenko Healthcare has forced traditional healthcare providers to change. There is a greater onus on digitising processes today, but the established players are struggling to match the tech-based solutions that we provide.

As a way of expressing our belief in making healthcare accessible to you, we are cutting down on paperwork and unnecessary jargon. We keep our offerings simple and clear so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you join the Kenko health family. No trickery, no mischief. Just better care for you.

4. Numerous Plans Tailor-made For Your Needs

As we mentioned earlier, the usual agency often has several healthcare packages and subpackages, with a mix of optional add-ons and hidden expenses. This makes selecting the right healthcare plan a tricky process for you. You must consider Kenko before you renew healthcare plan.

Furthermore, the complicated documents often leave people confused about the benefits these plans offer. At Kenko Health, our plans are designed to break away from this system.

With our tailor-made health care plans, our focus is on making the process of selecting your subscription plan extremely easy. Plus, these select health care plans address all the needs you may have.

Do you think that you would benefit from a dedicated Diabetes plan? We have one in place for you. Kenko Health wishes to extend your benefits to your entire family. We have the Kenko Family Plan for you, one solution that includes all your family’s needs. Simple, direct, and jargon-free.

5. Online Consultations Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve tried our best to take healthcare online. You no longer need to restrict yourself to medical services only in your city. Get the best of healthcare while travelling to other places too. Renew healthcare plans from the comfort of your home or while you’re on vacation at no extra expense.

Through our Kenko healthcare partnerships, you can now consult some of India’s leading medical experts, all from the convenience of your home. This includes a range of specialists and some of the country’s most celebrated practitioners.

What’s more? No matter what your requirements may be, you can consult our medical experts without having to worry about the financial impact; as mentioned, we’ve truly taken healthcare online, and that too, free of cost. Step beyond your neighbourhood and enjoy a world of convenience and savings only with Kenko Health.

6. Quick Buy

As a way of cutting down on the processing time, we have also created a quick booking process for you. Once you have identified the healthcare plan of your choice, all you need to do is get your Kenko Health score, an objective rating of your health. As soon as you receive your Kenko Health score, you can opt for the Kenko Health plan of your choice!

Plus, with the support of a comprehensive app and website, we’re with you every step of this very short onboarding process. At Kenko, your healthcare is online, we are also constantly available to address all your healthcare queries and questions so that you can make an informed decision. At Kenko Health, we believe the power lies with you and serves you well, either through healthcare online or in person.

Not just buying! It's easy to even renew healthcare plans from Kenko. One single click on the app takes you to the payment gateway. Renew healthcare plans before it expires to enjoy uninterrupted services.

As an insurtech company, keeping up with change is a part of our routine. We spend our time focusing on real problems and improving your core experience of accessing healthcare in India. This helps us at Kenko Health to stay ahead of the curve.

There are more than enough reasons for Kenko to secure your health and future. The solution lies in your answer.

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