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Exceptional experience with Kenko's team. They are polite and cooperative. Got 100% reimbursement for my mom's treatment from Kenko without any hassle.
Happy to receive constant support from The Kenko Team during an emergency. I'm glad to get reimbursed without any stress.
The customer delight team at Kenko was really helpful during the entire treatment process for my mother. Appreciate their thorough professionalism.
Special shoutout to Team Kenko. My mother was hospitalised for minor treatment and Kenko transferred my benefits immediately. I immensely appreciate their efforts.
Kenko is the Best Family Health Plan I have come across. They helped me throughout my illness. Their quick response was commendable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Kenko?
Kenko is a tech based healthcare company that offers comprehensive discounts and benefits, including discounted OPD services, and exclusive discounts on everyday care items through its online store (SHOHO) . Kenko’s mission is to provide simple, accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to individuals, ensuring financial security and peace of mind.
What is covered under OPD benefits?
OPD benefits primarily include doctor consultation, prescribed diagnostics and prescribed medicines. The benefits may vary according to the plan you select.
How can I avail OPD benefits?
Doctor consultation: 1. In-person doctor visit a. Visit any doctor in India b. Upload bill on the Kenko app c. Get a discount as per chosen plan on the bill amount 2. Tele-consultation a. Book a tele consultation with doctors available on the Kenko app b. Get a discount as per chosen plan on the bill amount Prescribed medicines: 1. Upload doctor’s prescription & itemised bill on the Kenko app 2. Get a discount as per chosen plan on the bill amount 3. Place an order on the app & get it delivered to your doorstep Prescribed Diagnostics: 1. Upload doctor’s prescription on the Kenko app 2. Schedule at home sample pickup from the app 3. Get a discount as per chosen plan on the bill amount
What is the benefit under the “OPD in Hospitalisation” benefit?

OPD in Hospitalisation is defined as the OPD expenses part of a hospital treatment bill, i.e. all expenses which can be classified as OPD such as doctor consultation, diagnostics, medicines used during the course of daycare or long term treatment at the hospital.

Kenko plans currently offer this benefit up to the limit defined in the plan in case of hospitalisation due to a natural disaster (non COVID) such as fire, earthquakes, etc. The benefits can be availed in the same manner as OPD process.

What is SHOHO?
SHOHO is Kenko’s one-stop shop for all your wellness essentials and everyday needs with a vast inventory of 3 lakh+ items (like shampoo, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.), delivered right to your doorstep. We cover 26,000+ pin codes across India.
How can I avail benefits on the SHOHO?
1. Choose products you need everyday 2. Add items to cart 3. Settle the bill through the app and get discount as per chosen plan on the bill amount 4. Get the items delivered at your doorstep
Can I start using Kenko Benefits from Day 1?
Subscription activation will take place after verification call and a free medical checkup ( if applicable). Post activation, benefits will be payable based on the completion of the below mentioned Cooling Periods - OPD benefits - 15 Days - Hospitalisation benefits - As per the IRDAI licensed Insurance Company Terms
What is cooling period?
Cooling period is the time period during which benefit will not be payable by Kenko or IRDAI Licensed Insurance partner.
How do I get the doctor’s prescription after Tele-consult?
You can download the doctor’s prescription from the app once tele-consult is complete.
Would Kenko provide benefits for my family?
Yes you can add your spouse and up to 2 children to the subscription so that benefits will apply to them as well. Subscription charges vary based on the number of family members added.
Can I buy a Kenko subscription if I have pre-existing diseases?
Yes, you can buy a Kenko subscription if you have pre-existing diseases but we have a cooling period of 2 years for such diseases.
Is a medical checkup necessary before I can start availing my plan benefits?
When buying a Kenko subscription, you will be asked to accept a health declaration. It is essential that you read the declaration in depth to ensure that we can provide the necessary care once you subscribe. In certain cases, a health checkup, additional investigations or tests may be required before you can start availing the subscription benefits. This is done to assess your health status for us to provide you the most appropriate healthcare services and customised solutions. Please note that failure to disclose accurate information in the health declaration or during the medical test may result in the termination of your subscription. Also, in case the health checkup or test results indicate your health status being critically close to violating the declaration provided by you, Kenko would be unable to provide you benefits and hence reserves the right to terminate the subscription.
What is the age limit for getting a Kenko subscription?
Kenko subscription is available for purchase to people in the age group of 18-55 years (inclusive).
How do I use Kenko in case of an emergency?
We have an Emergency Button available on the App that you can use to inform our team that you are in need of emergency assistance. Once you click on the button, our team will call you immediately to address your concern and help you in the best way possible. Alternatively, you can call our emergency helpline number +91-91138-39585.
How do I cancel my Kenko subscription? What are the refund terms?

Customers can cancel the subscription and are eligible for a refund if the following conditions are met:
   - The request for a refund is made within 7 days of the subscription purchase date
   - No benefits have been used by the customer during the benefit period

For cancellation and refund requests, customers must contact our customer service at 1800-843-3599 within the specified 7-day period. Our dedicated representatives will guide you through the process and assist you with any queries you may have.
Know more about our refund and cancellation policy here.

Insurtech And Future

Revolutionize Your Health with Kenko Healthcare in the Digital AgeRevolutionize Your Health with Kenko Healthcare in the Digital Age
A New-Age Healthcare Revolution For You!

Wondering what insurtech is? It is when a healthcare provider facilitates their products with new-age tech. Read on and learn more!

The pandemic triggered a massive overnight transformation for healthcare companies, leading to the arrival of several new-age healthcare Indian players that approached the sector differently.

As an insurtech company, keeping up with change is a part of our routine. We spend our time focusing on real problems and improving your core experience of accessing healthcare in India. This helps us at Kenko Health to stay ahead of the curve.

There are more than enough reasons for Kenko to secure your health and future. The solution lies in your answer.

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