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Who we are?
At Kenko, we are committed to revolutionising healthcare financing. With our data-driven insights, we offer super-low monthly plans that cover a wider base of expenses like medicines, doctor fees, lab tests, mental health, dental care and OPD hospital bills. We work to provide not just the best tech platform but also a seamless user-experience. This helps us process thousands of prepaid benefits every day to our users’ satisfaction. We value the trust and faith they instil in us. This wisdom is our compass.
Why was it started?
The healthcare financing sector in India has a great potential to offer quick, easy and affordable solutions to the customers. We realise this potential by focussing on the insured rather than the income and on the soul more than the sales. We want to help customers save more on their regular healthcare expenses incurred outside the hospital. These expenses burn big holes in the pockets of regular, middle-class households. Our sachet pricing, instant benefits and comprehensive coverage help them to weather these storms effortlessly.
Dhiraj Goel
Over 20 years' actuarial experience across Life and Health • Appointed Actuary at CignaTTK & Sahara Life.
Aniruddha Sen
ISB alumnus • 12 years experience in Health Insurance distribution and Tech.
Who started it?
By 2017, Dhiraj and Aniruddha had spent enough time in the health insurance industry and deeply understood its modus operandi. Both of them sensed that there are huge opportunities waiting to be tapped when it came to customer-centric approach to healthcare financing. As the world around us evolved rapidly, it became more and more relevant to harness the power of technology for affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. Three years of brainstorming followed. And voila! Kenko was born.

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Kenko Healthcare India

Kenko Health provides comprehensive plans focused on OPD expenses. On average, almost 75% of an individual's lifetime health expenses are incurred outside the hospital. Kenko is changing the old order of things by bringing in monthly healthcare plans that are economically priced to cover a wide range of expenses from doctor fees, medicine expenses, diagnostic tests and even non-prescription products and services such as infant care, vision care, dental care, hair and skincare.

Keeping customer experience at its core, Aniruddha Sen and Dhiraj Goel, set up Kenko Health in 2019. The duo has exposure to insurance companies and systems in the west as well as Southeast Asia. Through Kenko, the founders are looking to build the country's first Health Management Organisation (HMO) - a holistic concept where we actively manage your medical conditions, thereby leading to better long-term medical outcomes.

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Terms of Usage

You can avail of services such as medicines, doctor appointments and more, worth your defined benefit every month. Anything you spend over and above, will be charged to you • OPD discount benefit for non-hospital expenses is applied on a monthly basis and expires every 30 days. However, lump sum OPD benefit can be accumulated for a period of up to 1 year. • Health benefits is on a 12-month basis from the date you start your subscription. If you cancel your subscription any time before the completion of the 12-month period, your account will be suspended. You can re-activate your account at any time and will need to complete the balance period with the balance benefits before a new 12-month period can start. Chat with us to understand this better • Prescriptions and doctor's advice procured outside of the Kenko network are not eligible for this plan • You do not need to mail us prescriptions, bills, notices, documents etc. We will stay in touch with you to collect any information that may be required for your treatments - as easy as taking a picture with your phone • Be cautious with the answers you provide us while taking the Kenko score - they may be used to determine your benefits at a later time, if found inaccurate

Order must be filed within 30 days from the date of completion of treatment. However, the Company may at its absolute discretion consider waiver, of this Condition in extreme cases of hardship where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Company that under the circumstances in which the member was placed it was not possible for him or any other person to give such notice or file claim within the prescribed time-limit.
  • The extension of subscription benefits is contingent upon their fair usage by subscribers for their own personal purposes.
  • The company has the sole discretion to decide whether to renew a subscription at the end of the payment frequency.
  • The use of OPD benefits in excess of Rs. 5,000 per month is subject to approval from the company's appointed independent doctor.

©2019 Redkenko Health Tech Private Limited. All Rights Reserved.