Kenko is a healthcare provider. We partner directly with health and wellness services that guarantee benefits to our members in exchange for recurring payments.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What does OPD mean?
OPD means Outpatient Department.It includes medicine orders, lab tests, doctor consultations, dental care and more. OPD means you don’t need hospital admission for over 24 hours.
Is there any grace period after the plan has expired?
Once your plan has expired, you get 5 days worth of grace period. You can renew your plan in these five days to continue enjoying your benefits.
What happens when I don’t renew my plan?
Your subscription is paused and you won’t be able to use your health benefits.
How do I renew plans?
If your plan is expiring soon, you’ll see a button on the dashboard that asks you to renew your plan. Select the tenure you wish to renew your plan with and that’s all you need to do.
Do you accept cash payments?
Sorry, all payments made to Kenko have to be digital transactions. We will send you a copy of the invoice for all transactions.